2012 HASE Conference


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8:45 Opening Remarks
9:00 Missouri Room
Keynote I: On the Challenges and Initiatives within DoD and
USSTRATCOM to improve Information Assurance
Kerry Kelley
10:00 Break - Back of Missouri Room  
Council Bluffs Room A Council Bluffs Room B
10:30 Session 1A: Critical Systems - Security and Analysis Session 1B: General Systems - Monitoring and Security
Diagnostic Fusion for Time-Triggered Automotive Networks.
Utsav Drolia, Soila Kavulya, Kunal Mankodiya, Priya Narasimhan and Thomas Fuhrman.
IDAMC: A Many-Core Platform with Run-Time Monitoring for Mixed-Criticality.
Boris Motruk, Jonas Diemer, Rolf Ernst, Rainer Buchty and Mladen Berekovic.
Incremental symbolic conformance testing from UML MARTE sequence diagrams: railway use case.
Boutheina Bannour, Christophe Gaston, Arnault Lapitre and Jose Pablo Escobedo.
Real Time Anomaly Detection in Streams of Execution Traces.
Wenke Zhang, Favyen Bastani, I-Ling Yen, Kevin Hulin, Farokh Bastani and Latifur Khan.
GPS and electronic fence data fusion for positioning within railway worksite scenarios.
Joao Figueiras, Jesper Grønbæk, Andrea Ceccarelli and Hans-Peter Schwefel.
Information Theoretic Detection of SQL Injection Attacks.
Hossain Shahriar and Mohammad Zulkernine.
12:00 - 1:00 Lunch - Atrium  
Council Bluffs Room A Council Bluffs Room B
1:30 Session 2A: Critical Systems - Security and Analysis Session 2B: General Systems - Analysis, Development, and Monitoring
A Resilient Architecture for Forensic Storage of Events in Critical Infrastructures.
Cesario Di Sarno, Muhammad Afzaal, Luigi Coppolino, Salvatore D’antonio and Luigi Romano.
Device Mechanism: A Structured Device Driver Development Approach.
Raul Schmidlin Fajardo Silva and Guillermo Marcus.
An Autonomic Reliability Improvement System for Cyber-Physical Systems.
Leon Wu and Gail Kaiser.
Automated Bug Report Classification using Subsequence Matching.
Sean Banerjee, Bojan Cukic and Donald Adjeroh.
Visual Model-Driven Design, Verification and Implementation of Security Protocols.
Piergiuseppe Bettassa Copet, Alfredo Pironti, Davide Pozza, Riccardo Sisto and Pietro Vivoli.
Towards Adaptable Middleware to Support Service Delivery Validation in i-DSML Execution Engines.
Karl A. Morris, Peter J. Clarke, Fabio M. Costa and Jinpeng Wei.
3:00 Break - Back of Missouri Room  
3:30 Missouri Room
Panel I: High Assurance Systems Engineering - Issues and Challenges
5:00 Adjourn
6:00 Reception - Council Bluffs A&B
9:00 Missouri Room
Keynote II: Powering Commerce: Meeting the Demands of Payments Processing Around the Globe
Brad Masterson
10:00 Break - Back of Missouri Room  
Council Bluffs Room A Council Bluffs Room B
10:30 Session 3A: Business and Web Systems - Analysis and Dependability Session 3B: Tools - Development, Analysis, and Safety 
Exception Handling Defects: An Empirical Study.
Puntitra Sawadpong, Edward Allen and Byron Williams.
A Framework for Generating Integrated Component Fault Trees from Architectural Views.
Kavyashree Jamboti and Peter Liggesmeyer.
Using stochastic model checking to provision complex business services.
Luke Herbert and Robin Sharp.
Linking Syntactic and Semantic Models of Java Source Code within a Program Transformation System.
Victor Winter, Jonathan Guerrero, Alexander James and Carl Reinke.
Reducing the Cost of Passive Testing of Timed Systems.
Cesar Andres and Ana Cavalli.
Automated Verification of AADL-Specifications Using UPPAAL.
Andreas Johnsen, Omar Jaradat, Kristina Lundqvist and Paul Pettersson.
12:00 - 1:00 Lunch - Atrium  
1:30 Session 4A: Safety, Dependability Analysis Session 4B: Tools - Analysis and Safety
Evaluating the Dependability of Dynamic Binding in Web Services.
Anthony Sargeant, Paul Townend, Jie Xu and Karim Djemame.
Using Tool-Supported Model Based Safety Analysis - Progress and Experiences in SAML Development.
Michael Lipaczewski, Simon Struck and Frank Ortmeier.
Design and implementation of real-time wearable devices for a safety-critical track warning system.
Andrea Ceccarelli, Andrea Bondavalli, Joao Figueiras, Boris Malinowsky, Jurij Wakula, Francesco Brancati, Carlo Dambra and Andrea Seminatore.
A MDA-based Approach for Developing Simulation-Oriented Combat Flows.
Hong Lu, Li Zhang and Zhao Liu. (20 mins)
Proving the Absence Property Pattern Using the B Method Amel Mammar, Marc Frappier, Raphael Chane-Yack-Fa (20 mins)
  Tool Support for Rigorous Formal Specification Inspection. Mo Li and Shaoying Liu. (20 mins)
3:00 Break - Back of Missouri Room  
3:30 Missouri Room
Panel II: The Fundamentals of Establishing Successful Public and Private Sector Partnerships with Academia
5:00 Adjourn
6:00 Banquet - Elkhorn Room
9:00 Missouri Room
Keynote III: Positive Train Control - Challenges and Opportunities
Jeff D. Young
10:00 Break - Back of Missouri Room  
Council Bluffs Room A Council Bluffs Room B
10:30 Session 5A: System Models - Development and Security Session 5B: System Design and Real-time Systems: Analysis and Development
Fast Abstract (10 mins): Software Selection Based on Quantitative Security Risk Assessment, Ruma Das, Shahram Sarkani, Thomas A. Mazzuchi

Fast Abstract (10 mins): Communication Efficient Oblivious Transfer Using Elliptic Curves, Abhishek Parakh

Fast Abstract (10 mins): Certifying Services in Cloud: The Case for a Hybrid, Incremental and Multi-layer Approach, George Spanoudakis, Ernesto Damiani, Antonio Maña
Model Checking Software Architecture Design.
Jie Xin Zhang, Yang Liu, Jing Sun, Jin Song Dong and Jun Sun.
Supporting Security Assurance in the Context of Evolution: Modular Modeling and Analysis with UMLsec.
Thomas Ruhroth and Jan Jürjens.
Multi-Objective Optimization of Formal Specifications.
Simon Struck, Matthias Güdemann, Michael Lipaczewski and Frank Ortmeier.
Towards Reliable Smart Microgrid Behavior Using Runtime Model Synthesis.
Mark Allison, Zhenyu Yang, Karl Morris, Peter Clarke and Fabio Costa.
Online Verification of Value-Passing Choreographies through Property-Oriented Passive Testing.
Huu Nghia Nguyen, Pascal Poizat and Fatiha Zaidi.
12:00 Conference Close  
Short Paper
Fast Abstract